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By Lindsey Bihary, 1 Day A Coordinator

Sleep. Oh sleep, what a tricky thing you have been.

When my daughter was a baby, bedtime was a challenge to say the least. We read, we rocked, we sang, we walked miles in the bedroom. At 6 months we moved her into her own room and made the long loooong looooong term decision that we would rock her to sleep. My husband really wanted to do it because he didn’t see her all day, so he took on that routine. It was fine with me, great really, because I got me time. Of course she woke at least 3 more times during the night and I logged my miles then. Things went well for a while like that. She was a great napper, too.

Then at 18 months we moved, and Daddy’s commute wouldn’t allow him to be home in time for bedtime. Oh no!!! I was back on bedtime duty. I thought it was as good a time as any to start putting her down drowsy, but sleep had other ideas. She screamed. Not for a few minutes or even a half an hour, but hours. So, I rocked her to bed. We were rocking for her nap now, so I spent a lot of time in that chair.

All was happy and peaceful, then BOOM at nearly 2 years old she would not nap unless she was rocked in my arms, the whole time! I tried letting her cry, but she wouldn’t sleep and that hour of screaming made her more tired and miserable. I tried not doing a nap, but she was miserable the rest of the day then, too. So we rocked and she napped sometimes for 2 hours. Yes, 2 hours! In my arms! Sleep, what are you doing to us!? After a few months this craziness ended and she was back to napping in her crib. All was peaceful again.

Now at 2 and a half she falls asleep for nap time and bedtime on her own. Happily, I might add. Sleep has taken us on a long and wild ride. At times I thought I would go crazy and other people likely thought I was crazy for tending to my daughter that way, but during it all she was getting what she needed most, comfort and rest. Looking back, I don’t think I would have done anything differently. No matter how frustrated I was feeling as soon as she was asleep in my arms just seeing that sweet face made everything melt away. She’s the best little sleeper now, and it happened in her own way at the pace she needed. It wasn’t perfect at times, but nothing is. Now, if we could only get that potty training perfect……..