Toddler AM/PM



Children at the toddler stage are moving, exploring, and striving for autonomy.  They are curious about their environment and how things work.  Our curriculum introduces toddlers to a variety of experiences, including easel painting, manipulative toys, puzzles, books, building with blocks, sand digging, water play, dolls and dishes, dress-up clothes and dramatic play, cars and trucks, and tunnels and balance beams.  Our outdoor environment provides opportunities for toddlers to climb hills, swing in hammocks, ride on wheel toys, play ball, explore the Children’s Garden, discover the Toddler Garden, and go down the double slide with a friend.  Group experiences for toddlers include songs, finger plays, puppets, and a variety of music and rhythm experiences.

Daily Schedule Toddler AM

Free Play/Parenting Education
Group Time
Outdoor Play

Daily Schedule Toddler PM

Outdoor Play and Free Exploration
Free Play/Parenting Education
Group Time
Snack Time

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