My Journey through Woodinville Family Preschool

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By Amy Best, Chair

Eight years ago I entered the little red door at WFP as the mother of an almost 1 year old. I was not looking for a preschool, just a place to connect with moms. I had recently graduated from the Evergreen Hospital Moms group and was looking for another lifeline in the wild ocean that is motherhood. I was given the handbook and remember it seeming like it was the size of an encyclopedia. I felt shy, intimidated. Then my son literally took his first step. At WFP. On our first day. And I had a room full of caring moms to witness it and celebrate with me.

The second year I did the Toddler PM class with my husband. While I had had a year to read over the handbook and find its value, my husband was new to it, and a little intimidated. By the end of the first quarter however, he was quoting guidance principles from the handbook to me! As we journeyed together through the class and attended lectures, we had many deep conversations about parenting, and our values. WFP became not only a place for me to connect with other moms, but a place for my husband and me to lay a parenting blueprint for our family.

I remember WFP veterans talking about parents becoming close enough that they would carpool and watch each other’s kids. At the time I couldn’t imagine my baby in someone else’s car, let alone their home, without me. By the end of 1 Day, I trusted a mom in my class so much that I had my son stay with her for the night while I gave birth to my second son. She even took him to the last day of class because I was still in labor. The following year we had worked out a network of carpooling and child care swapping so we could both attend multiple preschool classes. In the process, our children also created a strong bond that still holds to this day even as they are both entering third grade.

I remember seven years ago sitting on the board for the first time as a class coordinator and watching the chair hold the meeting. I thought, I could never do that, this preschool is so big, the information so vast and I am so shy. And then I realized, of course I can because WFP is part of my community; it’s family. It is a place of support, and nurturing and people holding you up. It is a large group of families that I trust and love and am happy to serve. And now, as board chair, I enter my ninth and final year at WFP. I am happy to represent the membership and to continue being a part of such a strong co-operative community.