Phrases for Effective Parenting

Phrases for Effective Parenting

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The way we phrase our comments to our children can make the difference between gaining their cooperation and being met with their hostility. Here are ten common phrases that can help your relationship with your child move in a more positive direction. These also work with people in general!

1. I love being with you!
2. I’m trying to speak respectfully to you, and I would appreciate it if you would try to speak respectfully to me.
3. We need to talk about this when we can both talk respectfully. Let’s take a break and try again later.
4. It looks as though this toy is creating problems today. We’ll just put it up and try again tomorrow.
5. It looks as though you two need to take a break from each other for a while. Let’s play separately for 20 minutes, and then we can try again.
6. I’m feeling grouchy, so I’m going to take five minutes peace in my room to help myself feel better.
7. Would this be a good time for you to take five minutes peace?
8. Yes, you can have screen time…after you finish your homework.
9. Let me hear you ask your sister about that so that I can see what she says.
10. I really had fun with you today!

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