Rain Gear: Thoughts from Teacher Kelly

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By: Kelly Petersen, Outdoor Curriculum Specialist



As we welcome in the fall season, I highly recommend you prepare yourselves, as well as your children, for the many wet fun days ahead. As the Norwegian proverb goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” By immersing ourselves in all types of weather, we are communicating to our children that our happiness does not rely on the sunshine. The biggest smiles sometimes come in the form of splashing in gigantic puddles, catching snowflakes on the tongue, and feeling the wind whip through our hair. Below I have compiled my favorite list of outdoor rain gear and check out the video for more insight into why I’ve included each item!


Rain Gear Options:



One last thought, if you’re in a pod, you may want to get a good rain hat as well to help keep your facemasks dry!  And as always, when shopping on Amazon please remember you can have a little donation go to the school by choosing Woodinville Family Preschool as your Amazon smile beneficiary 🙂 I hope this list of rain gear helps, and I can’t wait to see you and your children again outside.

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