School Jobs


Most of our parents choose to further their involvement by holding a preschool job. Jobs play a significant role in our ability to enjoy a quality program at Woodinville Family Preschool. In order to offer the many facets of our program, our members serve as board or committee members or hold individual jobs. Board offices are by election of the cooperative membership. Other positions are assigned by the Jobs Assignment Committee in the spring based on organizational needs and individual preferences.

In addition, having a preschool job can provide benefits beyond the years at WFP.  For example, board positions offer experience that is invaluable to PTA and classroom leadership positions. Curriculum team experiences educate the parent in a developmental educational philosophy that can be essential in supplementing and enriching classroom experiences in the years to come. Some parents have found their curriculum jobs to be ideal training for home schooling. Other parents have used their preschool jobs as relevant experiences when applying for a variety of employment situations, particularly in school district positions.

There are over 30 different types of jobs available; some have responsibilities during a portion of the year, others have year round responsibilities. Examples of the types of jobs available include Board Chair, Class Coordinator, Cleaning Scheduler, Registrar, Historian, Marketing, Librarian, Curriculum Assistants, and Outdoor Play Assistants, to name a few.


Job Options Program (JOP)

Although we value the many contributions that our members make to the overall program by the jobs that they hold, at the same time we recognize that each year some families will find themselves in circumstances that prohibit their ability to hold a job in the preschool. Yet, these families appreciate the experience that our preschool community offers. For them, we offer the Job Options Program (JOP). Instead of holding a preschool job, a pre-specified number of families can pay an annual fee instead. These funds then become a critcal part of our annual revenue budget.

Only a limited number of JOP slots are offered each school year. This opportunity is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and the annual payment is due at the time of preschool registration. If unable to make the entire payment at that time, a family may complete payments in the summer when no preschool tuition is due. If a family later needs to withdraw from the program, this payment is non-refundable because our budget depends on a specific number of JOP dollars.


Job Options Application 

For further information about the Job Options Program, please contact our Director.


Job Options Program Infant (JOPI)

Anyone enrolled in an infant class does not need to hold a school job for that year, even if that member has a child or children enrolled in any of the other classes. In addition, any member enrolled only in an infant class does not need to complete a weekend school cleaning.