The Pre-Toddler Class is designed to offer support to parents to help them relate to and effectively communicate with their babies. Through sharing of personal experiences and incorporating information from current research, parents gain insights into early development. In addition, the curriculum includes sensory experiences, songs, games, massage techniques, toys, and verbal messages. As the babies develop, the class curriculum begins to include more toddler activites such as lunch, art and easel painting, and outdoor play.

Daily Schedule

Music Circle
Parent Sharing and Questions
Parenting Education Topic
Closing Circle

Themes/Parenting Education Topics

Fall Quarter:

  • Your Child’s Growing Brain
  • Influences on Development
  • Sensitive Periods
  • Language Development
  • Your Child’s Safety

Winter Quarter:

  • Healthy Sleep
  • Routine, Rituals, and Family Traditions
  • Creating Toys Your Child Will Love
  • Boys and Girls: Gender Differences
  • Sensory Development: Vision
  • Preschool as a Supportive Community
  • Sensory Development: Hearing and Touch
  • Sensory Development: Taste. Nutrition
  • Self-Regulation
  • The Importance of Play

Spring Quarter:

  • Motor Development
  • Media
  • Temperament
  • Emotions and Empathy
  • Attachment and Memory
  • Outdoor Play
  • Music and Movement
  • Children’s Art


Anyone enrolled in an infant class does not need to hold a school job for that year, even if that member has a child or children enrolled in any of the other classes. In addition, any member enrolled only in an infant class does not need to complete a weekend school cleaning

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