While the primary focus of the younger classes at our school is education for the parents, the multi-day classes expand and enrich the children’s curriculum. Three-Day and Pre-K are an exciting integration of curriculum philosophy with six-week themes focusing on the children and the world around them.

The educator develops overall themes, and each theme is supported by a different curriculum team comprised of parents from both multi-day classes. Specific concepts related to the theme are explored through art, music, stories, writing, cooking, math, science, dramatic play, block building, woodworking, sand and water play, and outdoor play.

Themes included in the 3-Day and Pre-K classes are designed in a two-year rotational sequence to allow children to have different experiences in Pre-K than they did in 3-Day.

Daily Schedule 3-Day and Pre-K

Free Play/Parent Education
Group Time
Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play in the Multi-Day Classes

Woodinville Family Preschool believes in the importance of outdoor play for all classes, and the multi-day classes call upon the expertise of a staff Outdoor Curriculum Specialist, who designs activities based on the themes explored inside the classroom.

For example:

  • Turning a buoy into a giant wrecking ball to knock down cardboard structures during the Construction unit.
  • Building “beaver lodges” with large sticks during the Northwest Forest Environment unit.
  • Milking a pretend cow during the Nutrition, Food, and Cooking unit.
  • Creating a “tide pool” in the sandbox during the Marine Environment unit.


  • Animals
  • The Marine Environment
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