Having Fun Outdoors

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Gretchen Dunning, WFP Secretary

Ever hear “We can’t play outside today; it’s too cold you might get sick?” when you were growing up?  It turns out this has been proven to be somewhat of a myth.  , The cold weather may actually kill certain types of bacteria that can’t survive in cold weather.  Children being exposed to dirt, animals, pests, and bacteria on a regular basis, the natural way (outside) are less likely to develop allergies and autoimmune disorders.

Movement, running, and throwing all happen naturally and safely outside.  In the house you can move and play, although some days nothing is better than sprinting or throwing the ball as hard and as far as you can while indoors!

Your imagination, using nature to create your very own special playground, can be just what our kids need.  A chance to get away from technology and use logs, rocks, water to make forts or raceways will stimulate children’s minds and bodies.  Playing outside can increase your child’s ability to solve problems too.  This is done by working together to come up with ideas in fort building or taking turns with ball, bikes etc.

Even when it’s chilly if you can see that sun outside you can promote your children’s growth and development of good old Vitamin D.  Just 10 or 15 minutes out in the sun can improve your child’s mood, energy level, and overall health.

So bundle up and get outside for a bit each day, it’s worth it!