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  • My Co-op Life

    by added on 27 October 2017

    By Jasmin Thankachen, 3 Day Coordinator In September, my sons and I shared in our first day of school, one returning to WFP and the other moving ahead to his public elementary school. Like many of you, I took tons of pictures, posting the best ones on my Facebook page, while “liking” the many adorable photos of children posted by my ...

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  • New Year’s Resolutions

    by added on 16 January 2017

    By Genajuade Stevenson, Prenatal-Infant Class Coordinator It’s that time of year. It’s New Year’s resolution time! There’s something exciting and refreshing about a new year that seemingly provides a clean slate for goal setting and making changes we’ve been struggling with or avoiding. Diet, exercise and any other kind of body-image related changes always seem to make the resolution list, especially ...

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  • Kindness

    by added on 10 October 2016

      By Cecile Culp Mielenz, Ph.D. Director, Woodinville Family Preschool Licensed Mental Health Counselor As the school year begins, I would like for us to think about emphasizing kindness and compassion during the upcoming months. As we demonstrate kindness to our children and to each other, we not only model for children but also we build our connections with each other and within our ...

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  • Sleep!

    by added on 5 August 2016

    By Lindsey Bihary, 1 Day A Coordinator Sleep. Oh sleep, what a tricky thing you have been. When my daughter was a baby, bedtime was a challenge to say the least. We read, we rocked, we sang, we walked miles in the bedroom. At 6 months we moved her into her own room and made the long loooong looooong term decision that ...

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  • My Journey through Woodinville Family Preschool

    by added on 5 July 2016

    By Amy Best, Chair Eight years ago I entered the little red door at WFP as the mother of an almost 1 year old. I was not looking for a preschool, just a place to connect with moms. I had recently graduated from the Evergreen Hospital Moms group and was looking for another lifeline in the wild ocean that is motherhood. I was given ...

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  • What Co-op Means to Me

    by added on 20 May 2016

    by Susan Carroll After 12 years at WFP, I’m graduating, which has made me think about what being in a co-op has meant to me.  Recently I was talking to a friend who was looking at preschools for her child and she asked me about co-op.  I happily told her all about it, to which she replied, “Well, that sounds like ...

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  • The Big Disconnect: A Day with Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair

    by added on 25 March 2016

    By Dr. Cecile Culp Mielenz, Director of Woodinville Family Preschool and Licensed Mental Health Counselor   Woodinville Family Preschool and the Attic Learning Community recently hosted Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair for a day of learning how to protect childhood and family relationships in the digital age. Teachers, parents, school officials, and psychologists gathered at Brightwater Education and Community Center for an insightful and ...

  • Parents Connect Time!

    by added on 11 March 2016

    By Sara Whalen, PAC Representative  It’s that time again!  That’s right, every year The Parents Advisory Committee, associated with The Shoreline Community College, sponsors an event in which we arrange for a respected speaker to give a presentation on some aspect of parenting. We have had some fantastic and informative speakers in the past and this year is no exception.  However, ...

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  • Appreciating the Mess

    by added on 1 February 2016

    By: Hazel DeWitt, Toddler PM Class Coordinator “A two-year-old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it.” -Jerry Seinfeld Finger painting. Sidewalk Chalk. Sand Everywhere. Glue and Glitter. Smashed Bananas. Puddle Stomping.  Helpfully Unfolding the Laundry.  “Washable” Markers. Water Play.  Mud Pies.  Stickers.  Cooking Projects. These things are toddler staples but have a way of making parents cringe.  ...

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  • It Takes A Village

    by added on 27 January 2016

    By: Timi Cecka, Pre-Toddler Coordinator It wasn't until the birth of my daughter that I realized the importance of the term, “it takes a village.” At first I tried to do and be everything my daughter needed. I struggled to make sense of the dramatic change that occurred in my life and I was eager to find something or someone to ...

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