Another Step in Mindful Parenting

Another Step in Mindful Parenting

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During the coming months we will ask you to take another step in being more mindful in your parenting journey. Each class will begin to complete written observations of the children. These observations, whether conducted at home or at school, offer you a five-minute window where your intention is simply to watch what is happening with your child. It is a calming time of mindfulness, away from the distractions of everyday life. As you cultivate opportunities to step back and observe what is really happening with your children, you will see their behavior in a different way. These new insights and understandings will have a dramatic effect on your own personal growth and your parenting. You will find that you look forward to spending more time with your children, and you will begin to make time each day for more of these mindful moments.

The Kabat-Zinns contend that “…our love for children is expressed and experienced in the quality of the moment-to-moment relationships we have with them. It deepens in everyday moments when we hold those moments in awareness and dwell within them. Love is expressed in how we pass the bread, or how we say good morning, and not just in the big trip to Disney World. It is in the everyday kindnesses we show, the understanding we bring, and in the openness of our acceptance. Love is expressed by embodying love in our actions. Whether we are facing good times or hard times on any given day or in any moment, the quality of our attention and our presence is a deep measure of our caring and of our love for our children.”

Arlene Rossen Cardozo, author of Woman at Home, points out what parental mindfulness can do for our children. When her two children became young adults, they confided in her that their favorite childhood memories were not of elaborate birthday parties or expensive vacations but of the times that they sat on the back porch and ate sandwiches for lunch. As parents, one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is not only our time to be with them but also letting them know how much we enjoy their company. To put aside our own schedules, tasks, and worries for a few minutes to be intentional, mindful, and observant with our children is parenting at its best.

This year at Woodinville Family Preschool is a time for all of us to practice mindfulness; as we do this at school, it becomes easier to do at home. As a result, we will see more joy and confidence in our children, and we will feel connected to them in new ways. Together, as a community, we will nurture ourselves and each other and realize the tremendous potential for development that we have as human beings.

Cecile Culp Mielenz | Director

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