A Simple Schedule for WFP at Home

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By: Maggie Homer, Parent Educator

School in 2020 looks different. Whether it’s distance learning, a hybrid, or in-person with masks, it’s simply not the same as it was 6 months ago. Thankfully, WFP is providing as seamless of a transition as possible by providing curriculum bins, art supplies, and preschool pods to bring everything we love about preschool home in a safe, fun way! But how exactly do we implement preschool at home? Below is a simple schedule for school at home if you are seeking a bit more structure.

A Simple Schedule


  • 15 minutes: Snack Prep
    • Cooking with children is such a wonderful sensory learning experience. We have a wonderful cooking coordinator who sends out weekly seasonal recipes with ways to teach vocabulary, emergent reading skills, and emergent math skills while cooking. Making this a part of your daily practice is a fun way to learn and bond with your child. Plus, the recipes are delicious!
  • 45 minutes: Free Play
    • Think about preschool and the stations set up there. Take a look at the calendar your teacher sent you. Each station is represented with a specific activity for the week. Try to set up your home space where each station is present using the supplies provided by the WFP staff (or what you’ve chosen from your own library of toys and manipulatives). Then, just like at preschool, use these 45 minutes to allow your child to lead their play, pick their stations, and observe what skills your child is working on.
    • This is a perfect time to set up the art project for the week. It’s 45 minutes to get messy and explore, then clean it up for the next day. This way it’s not always out and accessible if you do not want it to be.
  • 5 minutes: Clean Up
    • Keep yourself sane by incorporating clean up into your schedule. This allows your child to continue to practice the skills she will need when she returns to school.
  • 15 minutes: Circle Time/Song Time
    • Sing the songs from circle time with your child! Grab scarves and shakers and have a dance party together, reinforcing the music your child hears during his circle time with his teacher.
  • 15 minutes: Snack Time
    • Since you already prepped your snack together in the beginning, grab the tray and sit down together at the table. Chat and enjoy this time of community with your child, shared over a meal you made together. Oh, and don’t forget to encourage your child to wash hands before eating!

Note: Children are more likely to eat food they’ve helped prepare.

  • 45 minutes: Outdoor Play
    • I encourage you to make a habit of going outside every day, rain or shine. When your child knows that they are going out no matter what, there is much less push back to get out the door. Routine and proper gear are essential for engaging your child in outdoor play once the weather gets colder and rainier.
  • 5 minutes: Clean Up
    • Cleaning up outside is just as important so that toys do not get ruined in the various weather that seems to pop up out of nowhere in the Pacific Northwest.

And that’s it! 2 hours and 25 minutes of school at home. I do this routine in the mornings, but that’s the beauty of it, you can make it work in your life depending on your family’s needs. If you have any questions or would like some help organizing a schedule for your family, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

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