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Welcome to Woodinville Family Preschool

At Woodinville Family Preschool, we strive to educate and support families in a way that is meaningful to both parents and children, while respecting who they are as individuals and where they are in their parenting journey and in their developmental growth.

We are both a parenting education program and a cooperative preschool, with classes designed to engage children from birth through Pre-K. Woodinville Family Preshool is one of several cooperative preschools affiliated with the Shoreline Community College Parenting Education Program. We have acheived the rigorous accreditation standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) since 1995 and the certification standards of Nature Explore since 2011.



Woodinville Family Preschool announces a rare job opening for an Outdoor Curriculum Specialist!


 Our Outdoor Curriculum Specialist will be passionate about providing children with engaging, developmentally appropriate experiences in the outdoor environment.  The ideal candidate will have a background and experience in early childhood education.

 The Curriculum Specialist will plan outdoor activities and projects in conjunction with the preschool teacher and parent curriculum teams. Curriculum themes, on an alternating annual schedule, include: The Northwest Forest Environment; Food, Nutrition, and Cooking; The Marine Environment; Construction; Health and Safety; Animals; Fall and Weather; My School; My Community; and Creativity in the Arts.

 Woodinville Family Preschool enjoys a large outdoor play space that is Nature Explore certified and is perfect for implementing new and exciting ideas for the children to explore.  Nature science and art experiences take place in a greenhouse located within the Children’s Garden.  The playscape also includes a sandbox, playhouse, building deck, hammocks, double slide, tunnel and dirt-digging area.  A favorite area of the playscape is the Invention and Imagination area, filled with loose parts and a table and chairs made from tree trunks.  A climbing wall as well as a water feature with pump and river rocks are scheduled to be installed this summer!

 For more information, contact Woodinville Family Preschool’s Director, Dr. Cecile Culp Mielenz at director@woodinvillefamilypreschool.org